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Hotone Ampero Press Passive Volume / Expression Pedal

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Hotone Ampero Press Volume / Expression / Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

Ampero Press is a compact, passive volume/expression 2 in 1 pedal designed not only for controlling Ampero series multi-effects, but also for controlling other musical devices (with external EXP pedal jacks) or using as a passive volume pedal. Ampero Press boasts the DNA of the Hotone Ampero line: classic black and gold attire with a high-end textured finish. It has solid aluminum alloy casing, smooth and comfortable user experience.


  • Volume/Expression 2 in 1 Pedal
  • Independent volume and expression output jacks 
  • Solid aluminum alloy casing 
  • Passive design - no power supply needed
  • High quality potentiometer ensures precise response and long life
  • Works with a variety of instruments and devices