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Hotone Cybery Loop Switcher & Midi Controller

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Loop Switcher

Meet your cyber matrix controller. Cybery is a compact but versatile pedal manager that helps you keep everything in order.
Four true bypass loops guarantee a pristine signal, programmable MIDI lends you massive control, and a free mobile app sets you free from complex and annoying hardware programming.


✪ Compact size, rock solid aluminum casing

✪ 4 independent relay-based True Bypass audio loops

✪ Programmable MIDI control (sending PC and CC messages) for commanding pedals, multi-effects, mobile apps, and more

✪ Built-in Bluetooth® module for wireless programming and control

✪ Switchable high quality input buffer for preventing high frequency loss

✪ Mute/Tuner function with independent tuner output

✪ SW A/B function for amp channel switching

✪ 2 switching modes:

    - Direct mode for instant access

    - Preset mode with 40 programmable presets for different combinations

✪ Low switching noise

✪ 9V DC power supply






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