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Hotone Mojo Attack Floor Amplifier Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hotone Mojo Attack Floor Amplifier Guitar Effects Pedal

The HoTone Mojo Attack is a 75W 2-channel electric guitar amplifier in a foot pedal. Yes - you read that right - this amazing device combines two classic American amps into highly portable one unit. Channel A is the Hotone Mojo Diamond with early American tweed amp sound (think Fender). Channel B is the Hotone Heart Attack with classic American metal amp sound (Rectifier). An adaptive speaker output (4/8/16 ohms) suits most cabs.

With preamps, power, and unbalanced/balanced outs with onboard switchable cab simulation, the Mojo Attack and a guitar are the only gear you need to carry to the gig or recording session. For basic gigging, it has onboard reverb and boost switches, but also has an external FX loop so you can add in fuzz, delays, or anything you want.