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Hotone Skyline Series Digital Tuner Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hotone Skyline Series Digital Tuner Guitar Effects Pedal

This is a smart tiny tuner with the Skyline shape, with fast pitch detection technology and a big bright LED display. In addition, it provides a VOLUME knob to control the output volume when active (from mute to 12dB volume boost). You can also use it as a mute box or a clean boost pedal. There are a bunch of tuners out there, and everybody’s looking for the same basic things: fast response, accurate calibration, and a big and easily visible screen.

The Hotone Skyline Tuner is small (you wouldn’t waste precious space on your pedalboard with a tuner), fast (the fastest, actually), more refined, more durable, with a clearer and brighter screen, and you can adjust the tuning volume. That means you can use it as a mute or clean boost too! The footswitch is true bypass, keeping the tone pure.


Detection Range E0 (20.60Hz) to C8 (4186Hz)
Tuning Accuracy ±0.5cent
Current Consumption Max 65 mA