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JHS Prestige Buffer / Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

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JHS Prestige Buffer / Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

The JHS Pedals Prestige is a booster/buffer/enhancer that will give you that 'something', the magic, that you’ve been looking for. In a simple package, the Prestige can be used as an always-on preamp or buffer, or crank it up to send your amp into natural overdrive that will dazzle audiences far and wide. It’s time you added the JHS Pedals Prestige to your rig so you always have an ace up your sleeve!

The Prestige features one knob for volume. In the first 25%, you have a natural buffer/enhancer that is great for long cable runs or just to add a touch of brightness to your signal. At 25% to 75% the Prestige becomes a volume boost to give you a nice push for solos or to put in front of an overdrive to create more saturation. Above 75% and you’ll be sending your amp into a meaty natural breakup by pushing the tubes on your amp. This can be used as a first stage overdrive or a second stage to maintain your other overdrives’ tone while giving more of everything you love.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes 7mA, and measures 3.6"x1.5"x1".