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Matrix Amplification

Matrix GT800FX 1U rack mount power amplifier 2-channels 400W class AB power

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The GT800FX is a lightweight 1U format stereo rack mount power amplifier designed specifically for use by guitarists. Whether you're using modellers such as Fractal Audio's Axe Fx or the Kemper Profiling Amp or Line 6 or just needing a traditional "slave" amplifier, the GT800FX gives you 2 channels of 400W class AB power.  In bridged mode it delivers a huge 800W into 8 ohms.

Using premium quality components and high quality MosFets allows the GT800FX to give a sound that many users have compared to high end valve power amps whilst it's ability to handle impedances of 4 ohms and over including mismatched levels gives you the widest choice when using your favourite cabs and speakers. Running a 2x12 cab with an 8 ohm and 16ohm speaker in mono or running a 4 ohm cab on one side and a 16ohm cab on the other in stereo mode is no problem for the GT800FX!

The amp also features extensive protection circuitry ensuring it is protected from loudspeaker short circuits and miswiring. The front panel has indicators for protection, bridged mode and signal lights showing the output signal strength.

All this power in a 3.7kg rugged, road worthy, high quality amp that delivers a flat response letting your modeller or preamp shape the sounds you need without further colouration from your poweramp. Dual speed fans ensure that the amp stays cool even under the most demanding of situations. Neutrik combi 1/4 inch/XLR inputs and combi 1/4inch/Speakon outputs give you maximum flexibilty in how you connect the GT800FX.

The Matrix GT800FX is a product born from the feedback of guitarists, for guitarists and is the industry standard for lightweight solid state guitar amps.

Number of channels:     2
Watts per channel 4 ohm:     400 RMS
Watts per channel 8 ohm:     250 RMS
Watts per channel 16 ohms:     120 RMS
Bridged mode 8 ohm:     800w RMS
Bridged mode 16 ohm:     520w RMS
Input sensitivity:     0.775v
Frequency Response (+/-3db ref 1khz)     8hz-24khz
Weight:     8.2lbs