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Neunaber Iconoclast Speaker Emulator Pedal

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Easily Dial In Your Own Unique Speaker Sound

Iconoclast is the state-of-the-art in guitar speaker & cabinet emulation. Instead of using static IRs (impulse responses) that cannot be adjusted in real time, Iconoclast uses proprietary filters to parameterize the speaker & cabinet, allowing you to simply and intuitively dial in the sound you’ve been looking for.

  • Intuitive tone shaping controls:
    • Low adjusts the cabinet size and type
    • Mid adjusts the dynamic interaction between amplifier and speaker
    • High dials in the unique high-frequency character of the speaker
  • Captures the dynamic response of a guitar speaker, unlike static IRs
  • Emulates both the reactive and resonant components of the speaker
  • Built-in noise gate with Threshold control
  • Headphone output with separate Level control
  • Use mono or stereo
  • Ultra-low latency of 315 microseconds
  • Small, pedalboard-friendly footprint
  • Requires standard 9V pedal power supply (not included)
  • Designed and manufactured in California USA

Install Iconoclast Software, then simply connect Iconoclast to your Mac or PC via the included micro-B USB cable.

Iconoclast Software for macOS/Windows lets you dive deep into the inner workings, visualize how your tone is being shaped, and change the response to your heart's content. The software also adds a mono-compatible stereo enhancer for your listening pleasure.