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Neunaber Seraphim Shimmer Guitar Effects Pedal

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Neunaber Elements Seraphim Shimmer Reverb Pedal

The Neunaber Elements Seraphim Shimmer is essentially the famous Wet Reverb pedal with an added “choir of angels” shimmer effect. 3x controls let you dial in a wet/dry mix, the depth of the reverb and the amount of shimmer. Switching from standard reverb mode to shimmer is trouble free, simply hold down the switch to turn shimmer mode on and off and short presses will switch the reverb on or back to bypass mode. When the LED is on you’re in standard reverb mode and when it’s blinking you’re in shimmer mode. The pedal also features a choice between buffered/trails or normal/true bypass mode. All Neunber pedals are built in Orange County California from quality parts and can be powered with an optional power supply.

The main features of the Neunaber Elements Seraphim Shimmer include:

  • Simmer Reverb Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar
  • Mix/Depth/Shim Controls
  • Mono Input & Output
  • Analogue Dry Signal
  • Buffered/Trails or Normal/True Bypass
  • 9V DC Adaptor Powered (Not Included)

Note: Does not Function with the ExP Controller