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Pedaltank Tremblur Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal

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TrembluR Tremolo is a true analog sinewave tremolo sound from 60's. The circuit based on EA Tremolo but modified add input buffer to the circuit and reverse speed control from original design.

Easy to use just 3 controls are Depth, Speed and Output If you turn off Depth and Speed control this pedal can be used as Level Booster.

This device also adds LED tempo blink when dial speed knob easy for setup with band tempo.

The Controls

OUTPUT : adjust output signal
DEPTH : adjust the depth of signal
SPEED : adjust speed of tremolo 

True Bypass Wiring

Power Consumption: 9VDC @10mA 

Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH):   4.22" x 2.6" x 2.05"