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Positive Grid

Positive Grid Bias Delay Pro Tone Match Digital Delay Pedal, 4 Buttons

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Positive Grid Product Overview

BIAS Delay Pro lets you quickly and easily design thousands of custom delay pedals from scratch. Seamlessly integrated with BIAS Pedal Delay for mobile and desktop, BIAS Delay Pro Pedal travels effortlessly between studio and stage. And of course, it’s ToneCloud-ready. Upload and share your unique delay pedals on the ToneCloud social network for guitarists, and download thousands of unique delay pedals from fellow musicians around the world.

Choose among four delay types to start: Standard for pristine digital delays, Tape for saturated vintage sound, Ping Pong for cruise ship-wide echo trails, and Reverse for ear-bending backward envelopes. Manual delay times from 1 to 3000 ms dish out every kind of delay-based effect from doubling to slapback to long echoes. Sync BIAS Delay Pro to your DAW for delay times ranging from a 32nd-note to a whole note, including dotted notes and triplets.

Design your own custom delay pedal at component level. Saturation and analog-tone controls add density and girth to the Delay Stage’s input signal. Adjust your pedal’s virtual power source to deliver 18 volts for a relaxed, supple sound, or 6 volts. Use the Delay Stage’s treble and bass controls to shape the tone of only the delay signal from bright to midrange-y to bass-heavy. Two 8-band graphic EQs can be placed at various points along the signal chain.

BIAS Delay Pro Pedal uses only the finest quality components available. The road-ready metal foot switch, the circuit board, and each knob used are all top of the line. Enrich your pedal tone with the absolute best sound quality analog and digital has to offer.

  • BUILT: Full metal framework for strongest built quality
  • KNOBS: 7 tone-shaping knobs plus boost for excellent hardware control
  • FOOTSWITCHES: 4 rugged metal footswitches for preset change and Tap Tempo
  • INSTRUMENT INPUT: Stereo 1/4″ TS Hi-Z Input
  • OUTPUT: Stereo 1/4″ Output
  • MIDI: 5 pin connectors for MIDI In & Thru
  • USB: Connect with BIAS Pedal desktop (PC & Mac) via Micro USB
  • WIRELESS: Connect with BIAS Pedal iPad
  • POWER SUPPLY: 9V DC (negative tip, 270mA required) / Micro USB cable
  • DIMENSION (H x W x D): 62.7 x 142 x 227 mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.3 kg