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Positive Grid

Positive Grid Bias Mini Guitar 300W 8ohm Amplifier Head

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300-watt Amp Head Driven by BIAS Amp Pro

Whether you're taking it onstage or into the studio, the Positive BIAS Mini is big on versatility. Capture the essence of your biggest, heaviest amplifier using BIAS's Amp Match technology, then load it into the BIAS Mini for a portable gigging solution. Or download one of the thousands of custom amp models from the BIAS ToneCloud. The BIAS Mini's onboard 300-watt power amplifier has enough juice to drive just about any cabinet, or you can use its direct output to plug straight into a PA or console. You also get an effects loop for integrating your pedalboard and a built-in noise gate for keeping things quiet between phrases. The BIAS Mini unlocks infinite tonal possibilities.

A Gig-ready Amp with the Flexibility of Software

Seamlessly integrates with BIAS Amp Pro software and app

As part of the BIAS ecosystem, BIAS Mini is designed to be an extension of the acclaimed BIAS Amp Pro software (included) and the BIAS Amp app. You control the number and type of preamp tubes, transformers, tone stacks, speaker cabinet emulation, and even virtual microphone position. Once you've created your own custom amplifiers, tone presets, and Amp Match models, load them into BIAS Mini's eight preset slots. It comes loaded with eight great tones to get you started, ranging from sweet clean sounds to aggressive high-gain tones.

Easy to upload new tones, even onstage

It's easy to update the presets in your BIAS Mini. At home or in your studio, just connect the BIAS Mini to your computer via USB to upload new tones. And it can connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth, allowing you to make last-minute changes to your presets using the BIAS Amp app even if you're at the gig away from your computer.

Re-create Tones with Amp Match

Capture the tone of any amplifier

Using the BIAS Amp Pro software, you can capture the sound of real amplifiers and put them in your BIAS Mini. It's a great way to take the sound of your prized amplifier onstage while leaving it safely at home, and also a smart solution for matching recorded guitar tones too.

Amp Match re-creates tones fast

Matching a guitar tone with BIAS Amp Pro is easy — all you need is a recording of the amp or guitar tone you're trying to re-create. Then you create a similar amp in the BIAS Amp Pro software as a starting point, tell it to match it to the recorded guitar tone, and it'll tweak your custom amp to sound like the target amplifier. You can then use the preset within the software, or load it as a preset in the BIAS Mini.

Download custom amp models on BIAS ToneCloud

Visit the BIAS ToneCloud to access thousands of custom amp models created by signature recording artists and other guitarists around the globe. You can also upload your own custom amp models to share your tone with the world.

Positive Grid BIAS Mini Features:

  • Guitar amp head offering full integration with BIAS Amp Pro software and BIAS Amp app
  • Stores 8 presets at a time for instant recall
  • 300-watt power amplifier is ready to drive any 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm speaker cabinet
  • Create your own custom amplifier designs using the included software
  • Amp Match technology allows you to capture the essence of your favorite amplifier
  • Explore thousands of custom Amp Match presets via ToneCloud
  • Separate controls for FX send, line out, and speaker out provides more flexibility onstage
  • Integrates with BIAS Amp Pro software via USB, and with the BIAS Amp iOS app via Bluetooth
  • Effects loop for integrating your pedalboard
  • Built-in noise gate for keeping things quiet between phrases
  • Direct output for connecting to sound systems or recording devices
  • MIDI in for connecting to MIDI equipment