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Strymon EIAJ Cable, Straight to Right Angle, 36inch

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Strymon EIAJ Cable, Straight to Right Angle, 36inch

Since joining forces with Damage Control Engineering back in 2009, Strymon has rapidly gained a reputation for making, in their own words, "gear that sounds better than anything you've ever heard." The California-based company uses only the highest-quality components and powerful processors in their pedals. They are best known for their line of high-end guitar effects pedals which use a mixture of analogue circuitry and digital signal processing. The same commitment to quality and reliability goes into all their products, including their power supplies and cables.

You can gain more isolated outputs and greater flexibility with Strymon’s EIAJ cables. Available in 9”, 18", or 36" lengths, you can connect an Ojai to your Zuma, or connect two Ojai units together, or connect Ojai to the PS-124 power adapter. NOTE: The EIAJ-05 type connector cannot be used to plug directly into a pedal, but is used to link Zuma to Ojai, Ojai to Ojai, and Ojai to PS-124. For connecting directly to a pedal, use Strymon’s DC power cables.