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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo

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Large-scale isolated power for high-current
digital and 9V battery effects.

Pedal Power® MONDO is a high-current capable power supply that can power the largest and most diverse pedalboards. From digital power-hungry effects like those from Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, TC Electronic and more, plus compatibility with all standard 9-volt battery stompboxes, MONDO is perfect for large to gigantic pedalboards. Features 12 completely isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections that will keep your pedals dead quiet and free from high-frequency noise that occurs with digital "switching" power supplies.

Pedal Power MONDO also features an internal thermometer that controls a silent fan keeping the unit cool even under the most adverse heat conditions of outdoor festival stages. Even with poor AC line conditions, it delivers clean, consistent power. Handmade in the USA using the finest components, Pedal Power MONDO was designed to meet and exceed the needs of our most demanding professional users.

Pedal Power® MONDO features:

12 isolated outputs sections eliminate ground loops and hum
All outputs compatible with 9V battery operated pedals
6 outputs high-current capable for modern digital effects
Powers Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, Boss Twin, TC Nova, Moog and more
2 outputs with Sag simulate low battery
Toroidal transformers and linear regulation for lowest possible noise
Temperature controlled variable speed fan
Includes cables and detachable AC line cord
Courtesy AC outlet
Engineered and handmade in the USA


Pedal Power MONDO is a high-current capable supply that can power the largest
and most diverse pedalboards. With twelve independent, filtered and regulated
output sections, Pedal Power MONDO can properly power modern DSP-based
effects and all 9V battery operated pedals and accessories.
Nearly all DSP-based effects made today are supplied with digital switching
power adapters, which produce significant high frequency noise. Because Pedal
Power MONDO is an audiophile quality linear (analog) supply, there are no
digital artifacts to introduce into your signal path. And, its ultra low-noise design
keeps the most sensitive vintage and boutique analog pedals dead quiet.
All linear, transformer-based power supplies generate heat. While other high-
power linear supplies operate at excessively high internal temperatures (which
will limit their long term reliability), Pedal Power MONDO includes many
exclusive design features to keep internal temperatures within proper limits to
guarantee long-term reliability.
Designed to meet the needs of professional users, Pedal Power MONDO
provides clean, consistent power, even under the poor AC line conditions often
found on stage. Completely isolated output sections eliminate ground loops and
unwanted interactions between effects, resulting in lower noise and noticeably
improved tone.
All Voodoo Lab products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Pedal Power MONDO is powered directly from mains using the supplied AC line
cord. This is a standard computer-type IEC line cord, so it’s easy to obtain a
replacement or different length.
Important: Pedal Power MONDO is manufactured to operate from a specific
supply voltage (100V, 120V or 240V) which is marked on the bottom of the unit.
Attempting to operate at the wrong voltage may cause permanent damage.
(1) AC auxiliary. This is a courtesy AC outlet for convenient powering of AC
powered effects or a MIDI foot controller. Note the 200 watt maximum rating. Do
NOT plug in your amp here!
(2) AC power input jack. This is a standard “IEC-type” connector.

All 9V outputs can also power ordinary low-current battery operated pedals.
(3) 9V and 12V high-current output pairs. Each pair is an isolated output section
providing up to 400mA.
Note: The 9V and 12V outputs within a pair are not isolated from each other. It is
preferred to use only one from each pair. If using both, combined output should not
exceed 400mA.
(4) 9V high-current outputs. Use for all devices which require 400mA or less.
(5) 9V (or 12V) outputs. Use for all pedals which operate from a 9V battery or
require less than 100mA. Switchable to 12V via DIP switches.
(6) 9V (or L6) outputs. Use with 9V battery or high-current effects that require
less than 250mA. Switchable to L6 mode (unregulated 12V) via DIP switches.
(7) 9V (or SAG) outputs. Use for all pedals which operate from a 9V battery or
require less than 100mA. Allows you to SAG voltage from 9V down to about 4V.
Enable SAG control via DIP switches.

DIP Switches
On the bottom of MONDO is an 8 position DIP switch numbered 1-8. These
switches correspond to outputs labeled 1-8 and select the output voltage. The
switches should be in the OFF position for standard 9V operation. Setting a
switch to ON enables the alternate voltage.
Switches 1-4. These select 12V at 60mA. This is commonly used for battery
operated Boss pedals which specify the ACA type power supply.
Switches 5-6. These select unregulated 12V at 250mA. Since it is unregulated,
actual voltage will vary from 12V at 250mA up to about 16V when lightly loaded.
The most common use is for Line 6 modeling pedals such as DL4 and MM4.
Switches 7-8. These enable SAG controls. When switched on, the voltage is
determined by the SAG control. You can adjust the voltage from 9V down to 4V
to simulate a dying battery.

DC Power Cables
The Pedal Power end of each supplied DC power cable has a black barrel
connector. The other end has either another identical barrel connector (center
negative), a 5.5x2.5mm red barrel (center positive) or a 3.5mm mini-plug (tip
positive). Use the standard black barrel connector cables with most common 9V
battery operated pedals.
Before powering your pedal with a standard black barrel connector, you must
verify that the pedal requires “center negative” polarity to prevent damage. Some
common exceptions with their power jacks wired for “center positive” are the
Fulltone ‘69, SoulBender, and Octafuzz pedals and Moogerfoogers. Reverse
polarity cables are available from Voodoo Lab to properly power these pedals.

All Strymon pedals (including the larger format Timeline) can be powered from
any of the high-current 400mA 9V outputs using a standard black 5.5x2.1mm
barrel cable.
Important: Strymon pedals should only be powered from the 9V outputs.
Attempting to power from a 12V output will permanently damage the pedal. Don’t
do it, we warned you!

Boss Pedals
There are two types of Boss pedals which operate from a 9V battery. These are
identified by the type of power supply specified, either PSA or ACA. Almost all
Boss pedals specify the PSA type adapter and operate at 9V. Boss pedals which
specify the ACA type adapter require a higher voltage and should be powered by
a 12V ACA output (via DIP switches). Boss Twin pedals, such as the DD-20,
require more than 100mA and can be powered from any 9V high-current (250ma
or 400mA) output.

Line 6
Tone Core pedals, plus Pocket POD can be powered from any available 9V
output. The M5 must use a 400mA high-current output with a standard black
5.5x2.1mm barrel cable.
You can power Line 6 modeling pedals, DL4 or MM4, using the red 5.5x2.5mm
barrel cable from either the 12V 400mA high-current outputs or outputs 5 and 6
with the DIP switch in the ON position. This does not match the rating of the
supplied Line 6 adapter, but does correctly power these pedals. Note that PODxt
& HD, M9, M13 and the JM4 Looper cannot be powered by Pedal Power

TC Electronic
TC Electronic’s Nova pedals such as the Delay, Modulator and Reverb are
powered from any high-current 400mA 12V output, or L6 250mA 9V output using
a standard black 5.5x2.1mm barrel cable. This does not match the rating of the
supplied TC Electronic adapter, but does correctly power these pedals.
Other TC Electronic pedals which can be powered from a 9V battery, such as the
Classic and TonePrint series, can operate from any 9V output.

The Eventide stompboxes (TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor and Space) can
be powered from any 9V or 12V high-current 400mA output using the red
5.5x2.5mm barrel cable. The 12V output does not match the rating of the
supplied Eventide adapter, but does correctly power these pedals.
Important: While you can power the Eventide stompboxes from either 9V or 12V
high-current outputs, do NOT operate two Eventide pedals from the same
isolated section by using both 9V and 12V jacks of the pair. This WILL exceed
the 400mA current rating.