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Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Guitar Effects Pedal

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WAHZOO® is the most versatile wah ever. Combining the finest classic wah tones, a funk-approved Autowah, our unique programmable Stepwah, and true bypass via gold contact relay, Wahzoo delivers all the sounds you’ve been looking for and more!

Delivers all the clarity and expressiveness of the classic, highly sought after, Clyde
McCoy signature wah. You’ll immediately notice the throw, taper, and feel to be inherently vocal and musical.

Autowah mode is simply a great implementation of this classic effect. But rather than utilizing a generic bandpass filter, it’s based around an outstanding vintage wah. Plus, the treadle position allows you to switch from normal to a reverse envelope.

In CREATE SEQ mode, you design rhythmic patterns of up to 30 wah positions. Switch to STEP, and WAHZOO auto-magically steps through your sequence. You can store 4 custom sequences of your own creation. Plus you can use the treadle to sweep from slow to ultra-fast tempos on the fly.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate wah, or want to go deep into uncharted territory, Voodoo Lab delivers versatility and tone up the WAHZOO.

Combining the finest classic wah tones, a funk-approved Autowah, and our unique programmable
Stepwah, Wahzoo isn’t just another wah pedal.
Classic Clyde McCoy vocal tone
Adjustable treadle toe position
Voiced like a traditional wah
Normal and reverse envelope
Fast, responsive tracking
Steps through patterns of up to 28 wah positions
Stores 4 user programmable sequences
Treadle sets a wide range of tempos
External tap tempo, plus treadle sets quarter, eighth or triplets
True bypass switching via gold relay sealed in nitrogen
1,000,000 cycle rated switch (that’s 40X longer than a Carling switch!)
Designed and manufactured by really cool guys that are fun to hang with
TIG welded steel chassis
Handcrafted in California

Wahzoo is powered by a standard 9V battery. Since power is on when you are plugged into the
input jack, remember to remove the plug when not in use to conserve battery life. To replace the
battery, remove the bottom cover by unscrewing the 4 rubber feet. We do not recommend using
carbon batteries.
Wahzoo can also be powered from an external power supply. Using a high quality, isolated power
supply is preferred and will provide the best performance and most consistent tone. Wahzoo
requires 9VDC regulated and will draw less than 30mA. The power jack is a standard 5.5x2.1mm
barrel with center negative polarity.


With the Wah Mode knob set to Vintage, Wahzoo delivers all the clarity and expressiveness of
the classic, highly sought after Clyde McCoy signature wah. You’ll immediately notice the throw,
taper, and feel to be inherently vocal and musical.
NOTE: In Vintage mode, the Autowah Sens and Step Sequence knobs have no effect on the wah.

Treadle Adjust
Wahzoo is calibrated at the factory to give you the same treadle range as a great vintage wah.
However, you can adjust to your personal taste how high the treble (toe forward) position is.
Remove the bottom cover of Wahzoo, and you will find an internal trimpot. Place the treadle
fully toe forward, and then adjust to your liking with a small flat blade screwdriver. Move the
trimpot clockwise for a brighter, edgier tone, and counter-clockwise for a warmer tone. Normal
setting is exactly in the middle.

When you select Autowah from the Wah Mode switch, you get the classic envelope-based effect.
But, rather than using a generic bandpass filter, it utilizes the vintage Clyde McCoy voicing.
Unlike typical autowah pedals, Wahzoo literally turns into an automatic, dynamically controlled
vintage wah!

Autowah Sensitivity
Since the filter is triggered by how hard or soft you hit the strings, and the general output of
your guitar’s pickups, it’s important to find the “sweet spot” on the Autowah Sens knob. If you
use single-coil pickups, you can move the control clockwise until you find a spot that delivers
the “quack” you’re looking for. As you move the knob counter-clockwise, you can play harder
and/or use higher-output humbucker pickups before triggering the filter.

Normal and Reverse Envelope
With the treadle in the “heel back” position, the autowah filter is normally closed. The amount
the filter opens, and the time before it closes is dependent on how hard you hit the strings. In this
setting, it’s possible to re-create classic wah sounds like “Voodoo Child (slight return)” all based
on your dynamics!
In the “toe forward” position, the autowah filter is now in “reverse” and normally open. Now, you
start with a full-up wah sound, and the filter closes by playing harder. You can also experiment
with changing the envelope on the treadle as you play.
TIP: Try doing your chord rhythms in the “heel back” position and your single-note lines in “toe
forward” position. You can also achieve an almost rhythmic envelope effect by rocking the treadle
back and forth in tempo.

When you select Stepwah, Wahzoo will automatically jump through different wah treadle positions
as a rhythmic pattern. You can store up to 4 custom sequences of your own creation. Just like
Vintage and Autowah, Stepwah also utilizes the classic Clyde McCoy wah sound.
Wahzoo includes 4 preset patterns for Stepwah. Use the Step Sequence knob to select the sequence
you want. Once you get a feel for it, replace the presets with your own patterns. Experiment and
enjoy, this is really fun! Don’t worry, you can always restore the original presets if you want.

Is Wahzoo “true bypass”?
Yes. The switching is done via a gold relay sealed in nitrogen.
Is Wahzoo analog?
Yes. The entire audio path is completely analog.
What are the dimensions?
L 9.5" (241mm) x W 5.0" (127mm)
What kind of external power jack does it have?
Wahzoo needs 9VDC regulated to a center negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector.
Where is Wahzoo made?
Every Voodoo Lab product is hand built one at a time in our Northern California facility from
the finest components. With numerous quality control checks throughout production, our
products deliver consistent performance and real world reliability